Wednesday, March 19, 2014


OnePlus phone to have 13MP / 2160p Sony camera

OnePlus is harmoniously engaged as well as than the budding community in its forums and posted details concerning how and why the engineering team chose a camera for the upcoming OnePlus One phone.
The team chose Sonys Exmor IMX214. It features a 13MP sensor and a broad f/2.0 aperture. To exact edge distortion, the camera has a sixth lens element (where most phone cameras have four elements and even many flagships be in favor for five).
Sony Cameta

The OnePlus phone will feature Image Stabilization Plus (IS+), which "shorten noise and shakiness" but this sounds more following digital stabilization since it talks of "on depth of 120 algorithms" rather than proper optical stabilization.
Anyway, the broad aperture, Exmor sensor and IS+ peace beautiful comfortable low-well-ventilated law.
On the video side, the camera will invade 4K video (2160p) and slow-broil 720p @ 120fps clips. For selfies and video calls, OnePlus has fixed a 5MP camera.
The intend of the team at the before now the phone is to produce pleasing photos and videos in definite-life situations, without compromising the portability of the device (and "without an ugly protruding camera").


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