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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Oppo Find 7 50MP camera samples leak

Oppo's upcoming flagship device, the Find 7, boasts a 50MP super zoom feature.
There have been some questions as to whether or not the super zoom is akin to zooming in on a characterize using computer software, but after taking a see at the samples, it is conclusive that this not the stroke.

13MP sample | 50MP samples |zoom

Friday, March 14, 2014

Live images of Oppo Find 7 appear ahead of its unveiling

Oppo's upcoming flagship, the Find 7 is probably one of the worst kept secrets in the tech industry. While the company's teasers have been revealing most of the details, we moreover have leaks pouring in regularly confirming following hint to each and every one share of share of the aspects of the upcoming Find 7.
We have already seen the manager photos of the smartphone and now alive images of the Find 7 have surfaced ahead of its unveiling. The leaked images charity us the slim bezels, a taking place to date fan interface and the upholding of the smartphone.
Oppo has already avowed that the device will be uphill for grabs in two versions - one behind FHD display and the accessory later QHD screen. The jarring allergic reaction model is conventional to feature a Snapdragon 801 SoC and 3 GB of RAM, though the new excuse is tipped to ship following Snapdragon 800 silicon and 2 GB of RAM.
Oppo Find 7 will have a removable battery and at least one gloss of the upcoming flagship is rumored to habitat a whopping 50MP camera.
The ascribed advertisement of the Find 7 will happen 5 days from now. As always, you can rely re us to bring you every the latest updates from the business. So, realize remember to check at the forefront in the works gone us considering the era comes.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Oppo’s Find 7 invites are the coolest

Getting closer to the March 19 foundation in Beijing, the qualified Oppo Find 7 invitations are out. Theya propos beautiful attractive and interactive. Oppo is sending out invites in the form of a crate following a map to the place of dawn, a QR code and a black pyramid stand. The QR code will adopt you to a rushed teasing video that you can unaided watch after you olace your phone just about extremity of the pyramid stand.




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