Saturday, March 22, 2014


Sony plans an Xperia Z2 Deluxe Edition in China

According to a symbol by Chinese ePrice, Sony plans to out a special edition of its latest flagship the Xperia Z2 called Deluxe Edition. As the state suggests, it will be an even more premium offering and will append new Sony paraphernalia in the retail package.
Sony is bundling its own-made Magnetic Charging Dock (DK36), a Stereo Microphone (STM10), a Digital Noise Cancelling Headset (MDR-NC31EM), and a Style Cover Stand (SCR10).
Sony plans an Xperia Z2 Deluxe Edition in China

As you can declaration, that's quite a lot of appurtenances and Sony is planning to trigger just 1000 Xperia Z2 Delux Editions. The phone will profit its qualified debut in China upon March 27 and the company is received to set in motion the regular Xperia Z2 unexpectedly afterwards.
The price of the regular Xperia Z2 in China is received to be 4,999 CNY or roughly $800, though the Deluxe Edition will retail for 5,499 CNY - $884. Sony is currently experiencing Xperia Z2 buildup shortages in Europe and yesterday raised the price of the phone in Germany to 679.


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